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Access information about the Emeriti Association, including its constitution and by-laws, and retirement preparation resources.

EA Publications

  • "Preparing the Soil, Land, Thoroughfares and Local Expectations", by Jack C. Fisher, MD, FACS, Edward A. Dickson
Book Cover "Preparing the Soil"

UCSD’s astonishing growth derives from the pivotal role SIO played in wartime research. Preparing the Soil for UCSD is a triumphal tale with plenty of heroes and one resolute villain. Read how UCSD fought to acquire its land land control its thoroughfares, while often engaged in pitched battle against local, state, and federal (meaning military) adversaries.

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Emeriti Association Resources

UC Retirement Resources

UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC)

The UC Retirement Administration Service Center is the place to go for any questions you may have regarding your retirement benefits, including questions about preparing to retire, current retirement annuity issues, change of address, notification of death, and setting up or changing automatic deposit.

View contact information for RASC.

The University of California offers a one-stop-shop, your source for all things retirement:

RASC also holds semimonthly webinars to help prepare you for retirement by explaining UC retirement benefits, providing you with information about what you need to do to retire, and examples of retirement benefits calculations.  See:

UC Retirement Benefits

Prepare for your retirement by taking full advantage of the resources provided by UC. In addition to the retirement benefits and savings programs provided by UC, educational and counseling resources provided by UC guide you in the retirement planning process. Learn more about UC retirement benefits, savings programs, and other retirement planning resources.

Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits

When you retire, you may be eligible to receive UC-sponsored health and welfare coverage that may include medical, dental, vision, legal, or AD&D coverage. Learn more about retiree health and welfare benefits and eligibility.


Use the UCRAYS site to find earnings statements, retirement annuity statements, tax withholding, W2 and 1095C, health and welfare current enrollments, direct deposit, the Retirement Estimator, and beneficiary information.

Retirement Estimator

The Retirement Estimator allows you to view estimates for your retirement benefits for different ages based on your current salary. The Estimator allows you to observe how changes to your work schedule or salary affect your pension. Learn more about the Retirement Estimator, available for use at the UCRAYS site.

Fidelity Retirement Services

Find information about your 403b and 457 investments.