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Welcome to the UCSD Emeriti Association

The UCSD Emeriti Association provides its members an opportunity to maintain contact with their colleagues; promotes the general welfare of the members, their spouses, and their survivors; and assists members to continue their contributions to society.

If you are retiring or are retired from UCSD, please consider staying a part of the campus and connected to your colleagues by becoming a member. We think you will enjoy reading our newsletter "Chronicles", and participating in our monthly events. If you have any questions, please contact Suzan Cioffi at 858-534-4724 or send her an email.

President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

It would be the understatement of the millennium to start my president’s message with “What a year!”  However, I think I speak for all of us when I write that the last sixteen months have been fundamentally transformational in more ways than we can imagine or predict.  None of us have been left untouched by the pandemic—we lost one of our cherished friends and leaders, Mark Appelbaum, to this scourge, and many other colleagues and loved ones, as well—and it will take time, patience, fortitude, and wisdom to understand and adapt to the new normal, whatever that may be.

I have been remarkably impressed—although not surprised—by the resilience and adaptability of the Emeriti Association amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, during which we have all felt displaced to some degree.  Perhaps you are like me in this regard:  It is in times like this that I seek collegiality and support from friends and peers, and I freely admit that the Emeriti Association has provided a welcoming and warm (cyber) harbor during the Covid tempest.  It is in no small measure that we owe thanks to Jake Jacoby, who provided wise leadership during the last year; to Ann Craig and Gabriele Wienhausen, who selflessly stepped into the void left by Mark Appelbaum’s death and took the reins of the Emeriti Mentorship Program; to Bob Knox, who as last year’s past president offered consistently sage advice and oversaw the Dickson and Panunzio awards process; to Harry Powell and Phyllis Mirsky, who served as a crucial link to CUCEA; to Sandy Lakoff, editor of the Chronicles; to Jack Fisher, our historian; to Carmel Myers, our able secretary/treasurer; to the EA Leadership Council; to the physicians in our group who have counseled us and kept us alert to the rapidly evolving changes in the pandemic; and of course, to Suzan Cioffi and Vania Bailon, whose exemplary and steadfast dedication to the Emeriti and Retirement Associations and the Chancellor’s Scholars Program continues to keep us all afloat and on course. Read the full message.

UCSD Emeriti Mentor Program

The Emeriti Mentor Program's is a partnership between Chancellor's Scholars and accomplished retired UCSD faculty and staff. This mentoring relationship provides the intellectual, social and cultural preparation necessary for a successful college experience. It provides practical insight, know-how and advice gleaned from real-world experience, and can serve as a bridge to future academic, personal and professional growth.

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Each year, UCSD Emeriti Association members may be nominated to receive the Dickson Award, which recognizes an association member for their service to students, faculty development, the emeriti, and the community. Emeriti Association members may also be nominated for the Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award, a UC system-wide award that honors an emeritus professor for their outstanding work or educational service.

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Emeriti Association Events

Explore the events hosted by the Emeriti Association. Emeriti Association events include monthly General Members' meetings featuring a talk by a distinguished faculty speaker, the Welcoming Reception for new members, Holiday Party held jointly with the Retirement Association, and June Luncheon. See a full listing of Emeriti Association events, the yearly event program, and more detailed descriptions of our events on our event page.

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The Council of University of California Emeriti Associations, or CUCEA, is a consortium of the Emeriti Associations of nine University of California campuses. CUCEA pushes for the protection and improvement of benefits such as affordable health care options, appropriate cost-of-living adjustments, and enhanced academic privileges. Learn more about CUCEA on their website.


Support Chancellor's Scholars

The UCSD Emeriti Association Chancellor's Scholarship Fund supports students with strong academic credentials and financial need. These students are granted the opportunity to fully realize their potential through your generous donations. Through the fund, Emeriti Association members have the oppotunity to help support and encourage these very promising undergraduates on their educational journey.

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