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The Boynton Booklet

UCSD Emeriti Association Ninth Edition, March 2016

This booklet has been prepared by the UCSD Emeriti Association in an effort to bring together in one place useful information about emeritus status for retirees, for those who are about to retire, and for their departments. We call it “The Boynton Booklet” in honor of Robert Boynton, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, who produced the first edition in 1992, to consolidate information of interest to retirees that is otherwise scattered and sometimes difficult to locate. The booklet is not, however, an official publication of the UCSD Administration.

Although every effort has been made to provide accurate and current information, we caution readers that regulations are subject to change, and errors in content are certainly possi- ble. We are indebted to the many individuals throughout the University who have provided information for, and have re- viewed the content of, this and previous editions.

Download the Boynton Booklet (PDF).