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President's Message

By Mark Appelbaum, Professor Emeritus, Psychology, and

President, UCSD Emeriti Association

It is a pleasure to welcome you to another year of Emeriti Association activities.

We anticipate that this year’s activities will continue much in the same spirit as those of last year when President Henry Powell led us through a busy and most rewarding year.  One of the activities of the system-wide Emeriti Faculty group (CUCEA) was the collection and publication of data summarizing the activity of emeriti UC faculty activity during 2012-2015. This data collection activity is summarized in a fascinating document entitled “A Virtual Eleventh Campus” which is available on our website: http://cucea.ucsd.edu. The level of productivity of the Emeriti Faculty is, indeed, close to amazing.  We recently had the opportunity to share this information with the Chancellor who is quite appreciative of the contributions made by our emeriti colleagues.

This year, as in the past several years, the Emeriti Mentoring Program continues to be a major activity of the Association.  We continue in the able hands of Marguerite Jackson as the chair of the mentoring committee working along with an active advisory committee to continue to provide an extraordinary program for our mentees. This year you will find the program larger (we will be starting with 40 Chancellor Scholars this year), more expansive (it is now a committed two year program), and evolving with increasing experience in working with these very talented students. The growth in the program has increased the need for colleagues to join us as Mentors. While a large number of the mentees are from Engineering, our mentoring is about the development of life skills and not academic advising. Mentors from all areas of the university are welcome (and encouraged) to join us in providing mentoring.

As usual, the Association, under the very able direction of Vice-President Mort Prinz, will present a series of very fine, interesting presentations generated by members of the UCSD community. These talks are part of the general meeting of the Emeriti Association and generally take place beginning at 3:30 on the second Wednesday of the month. You will received notices about the meeting dates as well as the names of our guest speakers and their topics.

A bit later in the year each of you will receive an invitation to nominate one (or more) of your emeriti colleagues for the prestigious Dickson Award. This award recognizes retired members of the UCSD faculty for continued service - including teaching, mentoring, research, and scholarly publication. The award carries a $10,000 deposit to the faculty member’s research index. It only takes a few minutes of your time to nominate a deserving colleague. The winner(s) is selected by the Awards Committee of the Association.

All of the sub-committees of the Executive Committee are formed and functioning. And most importantly Suzan Cioffi, our Director, and her staff are in place and functioning. The Association is geared up to further the interests of the Emeriti Faculty and can do this best if you keep us informed of what you perceive to the our collective needs and desires.  As we are all aware the campus will be experiencing major changes in the next few years – new senior management, much new construction and the arrival of the light rail, an anticipated large-scale growth in undergraduate enrollment, the possible creation of a new college – all developments with potentially major impact on the Emeriti Faculty. Help us remain alert to these developments and let us know what we, as an association, can do to serve the interests of the Emeriti Faculty.

Mark Appelbaum, President, UCSD Emeriti Association, 2016-2017

Mark Appelbaum
UCSD Emeriti Association