President's Message

By Morton Printz, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology, and

It is a pleasure to welcome you to another year of varied Emeriti Association activities. We anticipate that this coming year’s activities will continue much in the same spirit and direction as those of prior years. The primary objectives of the UCSD Emeriti Association remain – serving as your representatives and your voices while at the same time supporting and innovating the educational activities of our campus. We know that unanticipated issues will surface, and we stand ready to keep you informed of our duties and functions.

Under the leadership of President Mark Appelbaum the past year has been busy and rewarding in all areas of Association activity. Emeriti on both the San Diego campus and our sister UC campuses continue to make major contributions to education and fundraising. The UCSD Emeriti Association has, over the years, developed our highly innovative and successful Chancellor’s Scholars / Emeriti Mentoring Programs that together specialize in developing and enhancing career mentoring and networking skills of the participating young scholars.

The Emeriti Association, under the directorship of Suzan Cioffi, also serves to provide social and interactive networking among both emeriti and all campus retirees. The UCSD Emeriti Association serves all emeriti with a voice within the San Diego Senate and selective Senate committees such as Faculty Welfare. Your UCSD Emeriti Association is likely one of the busiest and most productive of all emeriti groups within the ten-campus UC system. As was reported last year, analysis of the functions and educational contributions of all the UC emeriti associations over the period of 2012-2015 showed that taken together, UC emeriti constitute the equivalent of an eleventh campus. We urge you to download from our website the report prepared by the system-wide Emeriti Faculty group (CUCEA) and entitled “A Virtual Eleventh Campus”.

As in past years since its conception, the UCSD Emeriti Mentoring Program continues to be both a major activity of the UCSD Emeriti Association and one of the most unique undergraduate mentoring programs in the country. This past year’s mentoring program activities continued for a second year under the able direction of Dr. Marguerite Jackson, Chair of the Mentoring Program committee. Emeritus Professor Henry Powell has assumed that role, as of July.  Coordinating the mentoring program also involves Suzan Cioffi and CSP/EMP Program Coordinator, Lilian Argueta. The CSP Chair works closely Ms. Cioffi and Ms. Argueta, as well as an active advisory committee - the CSP Leadership Council, to continue to provide an extraordinary and highly unique program and experience for our mentees.

Efforts by emeriti, staff and Chancellor’s Scholars over the past few years resulted in the development of the Advanced Mentoring Program for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates. While a large number of incoming freshman mentees initially select Engineering as their major, our mentoring is about the development of life skills and not academic advising. Mentors from all areas of the university are welcome (and encouraged) to join us in providing mentoring. We also have invited mentors from outside of academia to mentor specific mentees with career interests outside of traditional academic subjects. Efforts by our Chancellor Scholars led to their developing and running a successful peer-mentoring program where advanced Chancellor Scholars mentor freshman scholars.

One of the successful elements of our program activities are invited lectures given after each monthly association meeting. This effort is coordinated by the Vice President with advice and support of an ad hoc committee of emeriti. Topics presented cross all disciplines and interests. Vice President Phyllis Mirsky will organize the lectures for the coming year and the topics already selected promise to continue the tradition of varied and cutting-edge subjects. The monthly general meeting of the Emeriti Association is traditionally held on the second Wednesday of each month, commencing around 3:15 to 3:30 PM with social networking including any formal Association business. Lectures generally commence no later than 4 PM and are generally 45 minutes in length. You will receive notices about the meeting dates as well as the names of the guest speakers and their topics.

A bit later in the year each of you will receive an invitation to nominate one (or more) of your emeriti colleagues for the prestigious Dickson Award. This award recognizes retired members of the UCSD faculty for continued service - including teaching, mentoring, research, and scholarly publication. The award carries a $10,000 deposit to the faculty member’s research index. It only takes a few minutes of your time to nominate a deserving colleague. The Awards Committee of the Association selects the winner(s). With sufficient funds available, this past year the UCSD Emeriti Association gave three Dickson awards.

All of the sub-committees of the Executive Committee are selected and should be functioning by mid-July. Most importantly Suzan Cioffi, our Director, and her staff are in place and functioning. The Association is here to further the interests of the Emeriti faculty and can do their best if you keep us informed of what you perceive to be the collective needs and desires of emeriti. The campus is experiencing major changes and especially much new construction including the delivery of light rail to the campus and health centers. We expect large-scale growth in undergraduate enrollment with the possible creation of a new college. The emeriti faculty will be involved in all aspects of these developments and our commitment to our home campus means that we must be ready to assist and advise, as needed and requested. Help us remain alert to these developments and let us know what we, as an Association, can do to serve the interests of the Emeriti faculty.