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UCSD Emeriti Mentor Program

What is the Emeriti Mentor Program?

The Emeriti Mentor Program's is a partnership between Chancellor's Scholars and accomplished retired UCSD faculty and staff. This mentoring relationship provides the intellectual, social and cultural preparation necessary for a successful college experience. It provides practical insight, know-how and advice gleaned from real-world experience, and can serve as a bridge to future acadeUCSD Stuart Collection: Vices and Virturesmic, personal and professional growth.

It provides UCSD Emeriti Association members with an opportunity to make a positive and personally meaningful contribution to the university by helping Chancellor's Scholars steer their educational careers to greater success.

How are Mentors/Mentees matched?

A successful mentoring relationship is highly dependent upon mutual interests and compatible personalities. The Emeriti Mentor Committee makes the initial matches, based on the information provided by the mentee on their Mentoring Program Registration Form.  Every effort is made to match students with a mentor who will be best suited to their academic interests. Modification of a mentor/mentee partnership (dissolution) is allowed should the initial mentor/mentee relationship prove to be unsatisfactory to either partner.

What does Mentoring Entail?

Because mentoring can mean many different things to different people, how often the mentor/mentee meet is left up to each mentor/mentee pair, with the general minimum expectation that they meet at least once a month for the first academic year.

Chancellor's Scholars Program

The UCSD Emeriti Mentor Program is just one component of the UCSD Chancellor's Scholars Program. A series of monthly meetings for Chancellor's Scholars focuses on helping these students improve their oral presentation skills. Mentors are welcome to attend these monthly meetings, and may also assist with facilitating the presentation skill development program, if interested. All mentors are invited to the end of year closing reception.

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor?

The Emeriti Mentor Program is always looking for new emeriti faculty mentors. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to contribute your time and knowledge to a student, and to UCSD, please contact the UCSD Emeriti Mentoring Program Coordinator, Diane Holland, by email or by phone: (858) 534-0207. Or,if you prefer, you may fill out form inside the Emeriti Mentor Program Brochure (pdf) and mail it to us at: Emeriti Mentor Program, 9500 Gilman Drive, Dept. 0020, La Jolla, CA 92093-0020.