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The UCSD Emeriti Association provides its members an opportunity to maintain contact with their colleagues; promotes the general welfare of the members, their spouses, and their survivors; and assists members to continue their contributions to society.

If you are retiring or are retired from UCSD, please consider staying a part of the campus and connected to your colleagues by becoming a member. We think you will enjoy reading our newsletter "Chronicles", and participating in the monthly events. If you have any questions, please contact Suzan Cioffi at 858-534-4724 or send her an email.

President's Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you to another year of Emeriti Association activities.

We anticipate that this year’s activities will continue much in the same spirit as those of last year when President Henry Powell led us through a busy and most rewarding year. One of the activities of the system-wide Emeriti Faculty group (CUCEA) was the collection and publication of data summarizing the activity of emeriti UC faculty activity during 2012-2015. This data collection activity is summarized in a fascinating document entitled “A Virtual Eleventh Campus” which is available on our website: http://cucea.ucsd.edu.  The level of productivity of the Emeriti Faculty is, indeed, close to amazing. We recently had the opportunity to share this information with the Chancellor who is quite appreciative of the contributions made by our emeriti colleagues.

This year, as in the past several years, the Emeriti Mentoring Program continues to be a major activity of the Association. We continue in the able hands of Marguerite Jackson as the chair of the mentoring committee working along with an active advisory committee to continue to provide an extraordinary program for our mentees. This year you will find the program larger (we will be starting with 40 Chancellor Scholars this year), more expansive (it is now a committed two year program), and evolving with increasing experience in working with these very talented students. The growth in the program has increased the need for colleagues to join us as Mentors. While a large number of the mentees are from Engineering, our mentoring is about the development of life skills and not academic advising. Mentors from all areas of the university are welcome (and encouraged) to join us in providing mentoring. Read more...

Upcoming Events

Emeriti Events calendar

UCSD Emeriti Mentor Program

The Emeriti Mentor Program's is a partnership between Chancellor's Scholars and accomplished retired UCSD faculty and staff. This mentoring relationship provides the intellectual, social and cultural preparation necessary for a successful college experience. It provides practical insight, know-how and advice gleaned from real-world experience, and can serve as a bridge to future academic, personal and professional growth.  Read more ...

UCSD Emeriti Association Awards - The Dickson Award

Over a span of fifty years, a trust provided by UC Regent Edward Dickson has grown from $207,381 to $2.14 million. Dickson stipulated that the earnings from this endowment would both stimulate and recognize emeriti for their continuing service, teaching, and research. In 2003, UCOP split the fund 10 ways so that each campus could offer a $10,000 award each year.  Read more ...

Points of Contact

Mark Appelbaum
UCSD Emeriti Association

Suzan Cioffi
UCSD Retirement Resource Center
(858) 534-4724

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